Process integration engineer
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Vacancy: Process integration engineer


Leuven, Belgium – Research & development


General information about Pulsify Medical

Would you like to become part of a start-up that is pushing the envelope in medical device technology? Do you want to apply your know-how on working on a cutting-edge ultra-sound system, which combines advanced chip solutions and algorithms to enable a large area, wearable and flexible ultrasound patch? Would you like to become one of the first experts to join our team, with all the exciting opportunities and growth potential this brings? Look no further and apply with us today!


Pulsify Medical is a young start-up and a spin-off of imec and university Leuven, two leading institutes in Leuven focused on advanced semi-conductor technologies and cutting-edge medical imaging applications. Pulsify medical is backed by Venture Capitalists, with the aim to develop a totally novel ultra-sound medical device to monitor patients in hospitals and at home.

Pulsify Medical is located in Leuven, a dynamic and vibrant city at the heart Belgium, close to Brussels. Its historical center is flanked by a landmark building in late gothic style. Leuven is home to a very diverse and lively international community, due to its outstanding top ranked university, KU Leuven. It has a strong presence of high-tech companies & start-ups and hosts imec, one of the world’s leading independent research organization in semiconductor technology. People in Leuven are easy going and converse fluently in English, be it on the workplace, in daily encounters or in stores.


Why chose us? We offer:
  • An attractive and competitive salary according to local standards
  • Excellent growth opportunities and a key role in the venture. You can make a real difference, working in a small and highly motivated, international team
  • Work on the bleeding edge of technology


1.1 What you will do

Within Pulsify you will be the lead expert on the development of the technological processes for fabricating our sensor. You will work in close collaboration with our research partner to develop the necessary process steps. You will help define the project plan for performing the research and development needed for establishing the sensor process. Within this capacity you will help refine the process integration flow and review the mask-set for processing. In addition, you will define a strategy for the development of the process steps and in collaboration with the process step engineers you will define the experimental splits (DOE) in the lots. You will help define the experimental plan for characterizing the wafer and you will be responsible for analysing & interpreting the results to help guide the R&D.

In a second stage you will be responsible to transfer the developed process to an industrial manufacturing line. You will help identify the tool-chain needed for running the processes, install the processes in an industrial context and make sure the processes are qualified, all in collaboration with a manufacturing partner.


1.2 You are responsible for
  • Process integration for an advanced sensor process.
  • Review mask set and layout used for the process.
  • Define process splits, design of experiments and sequence of lots.
  • Define the characterization plan for the fabricated devices, interpret the results and make recommendations accordingly.


1.3 Who you are

The ideal candidate should have experience in developing processes in an industrial microelectronics/microfabrication fab.

  • You have obtained a Ms.Sc. or PhD. degree or equivalent experience.
  • You have 7+ years of experience developing and being responsible for a full process integration flow in an industrial context.
  • You are familiar with process steps and tools used in microelectronics manufacturing. You can interact with the step development engineers to define process splits.
  • You have experience with reviewing masksets and layouts, which will be used to fabricate the devices in the process flow.
  • You like taking initiative, you are persuasive and assertive, while keeping a constructive attitude and you are committed to achieve results fast but in a reliable way.
  • Given the international context, a fluent knowledge of English is necessary.